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Nose Kandi
Nose Kandi
Nose Kandi
Nose Kandi

Nose Kandi

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What is Nose Kandi?

Did you ever snort sugar when you were little on a dare? Well Nose Kandi is not that, or well not exactly. 

Nose Kandi is, well, candy for your nose! Each tube has a special blend of all natural essential oils to give you a quick pick me up, all without caffeine.

Feeling a bit sluggish? Is your nose filling all clogged up from allergies, dust or is it just dry?

Simply open up a tube and inhale in each nostril for 1-4 seconds. Repeat as desired.

How long does each tube last?

Each tube should stay potent for about a month. After that, much of the oils will have evaporated but will still have a mild flavor for months to come.

Is Nose Kandi Safe?

If used as directed (aka you inhale it through your nose), you shouldn't have an issue. There is no medicine in Nose Kandi, just an essential oils blend.

How Often Can I Use It?

Totally up to you! Obviously if you are very sensitive and you think it might be irritating your nose, you might want to take a break.