30 Day Fan Guarantee

CTF Brand Ambassador

CTF is looking for fan queens to work as brand ambassadors across the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

Brand ambassadors will be given a unique promo code for 10% off all purchases. They will also earn 10% of all sales attributed to their promo code as store credit that can be used on CTF swag.

We rely on passionate fan queens to help us get the word out about our fans and products. Top brand ambassadors could earn free trips to events, prides, festivals and circuits and help represent CTF at our booth, VIP tables and more.

Please answer the following questions to apply.



Please answer the following questions and email us at Notify@ClackThatFan.com with the subject 

CITY NAME - CTF Brand Ambassador 

Question 1:
What do you think will make you an effective and genuine CTF Brand Ambassador and why do you want to be a Brand Ambassador?

Question 2:
Do you own any of our products? Which ones and what are the strengths and weakness of our products compared to our competitors?

Question 3:
How did you find out about CTF?

Please include the following if you have them:
- Instagram
- Facebook

Terms and Conditions


BA personal promo codes can be posted on BA personal IG, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. 

However, these codes cannot be posted on CTF advertising, online promo code websites and other general, non personal posts and sites.

All credits are subject to CTF final approval. Any BA who is suspected for violating these terms are subject to be banned from the program forfeiture of all credits earned.