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Black Light Up Clack Fan™ Holster

Black Light Up Clack Fan™ Holster

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Designed and developed by the creatives and engineers at Clack That Fan, we are proud to bring you the only patent pending clack fan holster of its kind.

It has a loop with a side release clip so you can clip it onto your belt, belt loop, jockstrap or fanny pack.

It also has a bottom loop that comes with an adjustable soft elastic belt so that you can keep the holster fastened to your snuggly to your leg. 

Prefer to have the holster not strapped so tightly to your leg? No problem, the elastic leg strap is removable.

The clack fan holster has 7 solid color modes of:
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Teal, Purple, White

It also has a strobe mode that blinks through the colors and a slow fade mode that slowly fades through the colors.

How To Use:
The micro USB recharge port is built into the controller at the top of the holster. Simply press in the middle of the black elastic holder at the top to change colors.

Hold down for about 3 seconds to turn it off or cycle through.

We recommend clack fan pin (clack fan handle) part first into the holster.

Charge Time:
About 1-3 Hours. When recharging, you will see it flicker red. When it is done charging it will be lit green for a little bit and then it will turn off. The holsters has an overcharge protection circuit but we do not recommend overcharging it.

Battery Life:
Up to 14 Hours depending on the color and mode.

Do not store the clack fan holster folded in half or against the direction of the optical fibers.

Any tight/sharp folds could cause one more of the optical fibers that are woven into the fabric to snap and damage it.

This product is a FAN HOLSTER. It is an accessory made to hold your clack fan. This is NOT a light up clack fan.