30 Day Fan Guarantee

Custom Fans

We get asked about custom fan designs all the time and we welcome it. Don't stop :D

You can pay for custom fan consultation and design services here.

The following information should answer most questions.

If you have an idea for a fan you would like to see us make, please send us a message.
  • The minimum order is 20 fans. We can provide you a price quote after you provide us a mock up of the fan and the number of fans you wish to commission. 
    • If you would like our designers to mock up a fan for you, we charge a $30 non-refundable design fee. (Max 3 revisions)
    • If you then order the fans, we will credit the design fee to the total cost of your order. (Total Order Cost - $30 Design Fee = Total Owed)
  • If we like your idea and it isn't already a design we were working on, we will make it and send you 2 fan for free! (One of your design and another in stock fan of your choice.) We will ask you for your address so we can send it to you.
    Please note that:

    All fans will have the CTF fan logo and website on the thumb guards like the other fans we have on our website. Take a look at this fan as an example.  

    Terms and Conditions
      By using our custom fan design consulting service you agree to the following terms:

      All design(s) and idea(s) submitted to us become the property of CTF and we reserve all rights in addition to all subsequent iterations and/or derivations. The exception to this would be trademarks and logos. However, all the other artwork and design still remain the property of CTF. Thus any design we create for you may not be printed with any other vendor or print company.

      If you are using any protected IP, you MUST provide documentation that you own the rights and or have permission to use them. We respect and wish to support artists, you should too.

      These conditions are subject to change without notice. We will honor the terms agreed to but do periodically review this document.